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Rs 9000 /mo
Olympus, Mount definition. The legendary home of the Greek and Roman gods. Wishing everyone working in these mini-offices to grow, reach and conquer the Gods (the leaders in the business!). They are named –Alpha, Beta & Gamma. The mezzanine is named – Attica – is the historical region that encompasses the city of Athens. Alpha and Beta can hold 4 people at once and Gamma can hold 6 people.
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Rs 6000 /mo
It’s the principal part of the brain, consisting of two hemispheres, responsible for the integration of complex sensory and neural functions with almost 14 billion neurons working their way! Cerebrum with its maximum number of shared work-desks, engages and enables many to ideate, create and evolve. It can accommodate upto 25 people.
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Rs 6000 /mo
A fingerprint has 40 characteristics, but an iris has 256! It is very you. It’s you and the world you see. The shared work-desk space opens up into a ethnic porch, the ‘Portico’. It has a capacity to accommodate 14 people.
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Rs 5000 /mo

The word then was applied to a low decorative facade above the main story of a building (1690s in English), and it came to mean the space enclosed by such a structure. The modern use is via French. attique. An attica is upright, a garret is in a sloping roof with a capacity of accommodating 12 people at once.

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Rs 800 /hour

The Grand Conference Hall & Mini Conference Halls - Mini Galaxy (MG) 1 & 2 in the ground floor with convertible spaces for performance theatre, conferences, meetings etc. It can hold upto 35 people at once.

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Rs 600 /hour

Blitzkrieg literally means, “an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory.” This meeting room empowers the teams with happening conversations, strategic ideas and leads the words into deeds, making the meetings effective! Its capacity is to accommodate 8 people.

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Rs 400 /hour

Unearth the treasures of art, theatre and culture. Learn. Think. Do. Be. The Open Air Theatre Outside. The Performance Haat! Urvi can hold about 40 people at once.

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