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Qleverlabs is specialized in app, web development. Their seasoned and skilled workforce lets them build applications and websites from scratch, helping clients to improve their business operations. It is a technology activation company specialized in Node js technology working on product development on various domains.

At Qleverlabs, work incorporates everything from travel, education, insurance, real-estate, interior, automation, industrial, food industry, co-working spaces. Qleverlabs is always open for interesting projects and Qleverlabs can work passionately on it.


Qleverlabs was started for a purpose of delivering solutions for real time problems. It’s a known fact that it is a technology driven era. They try to solve everyday problems.


  They work on very niche technology called Node JS (Backend). This technology is used worldwide and is most favorable & scalable language used by all industry experts.


Qleverlabs was founded in November 2016


Located at Mumbai-ZoomStart India


Market Positioning

Bordering on being the most promising hub that offers set of effective and robust e-business solutions and associated web technologies for our clients, Qleverlabs is totally dedicated to create out of the box content and strategies to Pop Up businesses



  Rishabh Sahay


  Ritesh Mirani

  Hatim Davoli


Mumbai -   +91 7977188472  /  022-65115253
Bengaluru -    +91 7977188472