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NovePro is an avantgardecompany, that was conceived with the vision to merge creativity with innovation while making it accessible to the common man. Simplicity is the mark of sophistication and our products showcase both such attributes. Our goal is to transcend the stereotypes, this principle is often echoed by the designs of our products. Hence,our products are unconventional in design or utility or sometimes both.


The best pillow enables you to rest your head on the bed at the same level as your shoulders. It follows the curvature of the neck and continues to support it while you rest your head about 2.5 to 3.5 inches above the surface of the bed, whenever you turn to your sides without having you to wake up and adjust the pillow for height. The pillow shouldn’t slip away and discourage you to sleep on your belly! It should snugly adapt to your body structure, size and the requirement of softness or hardness.


On Neckfit Island, your head is rested on a small cushion in the middle (the Occipital Pit) about an inch above the surface of your bed. Also, your neck gets continuous support as you shift to your sides resting your head higher at about 2.5 to 3.5 inches above the surface of the bed, without you adjusting the pillow.


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