The Co-working Diaries

This day an year ago, an idea came into existence.

Everything begins with an Idea – Earl Nightingale

An Idea is the birth of a Start-up. But every start-up is much more than just an idea. A start-up is more about innovating, changing what hasn’t been changed. And what it requires is resolution, hard work, strategy and most importantly, patience.

It took 6 months from ideation to foundation and ZSI was officially launched on 19th July 2016. Located on a hill with Bohemian themed interiors, ZSI embarked the journey in the world of Co-working Spaces conjoining culture with community.

Since its inception, ZSI has been organizing various events around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai while also undertaking workshops at ZSI to achieve its aim of comprehensive collaboration. This endeavor has been fueled with initiatives such as Books for India, Kulture Kunnect and Start-up Navi Mumbai.

At this point in the memory lane, we contemplate our performance, not by the amount of riches earned, but by the lives we have changed. Few of our Co-workers have something to say on this auspicious moment. Read on!

Manisha Khemani – Managing Director at Re Live! A Travel Shoppe`

The Most colourful Coworking Space in Navi Mumbai

Manisha says ZoomStartIndia is a colorful and an interesting Co-Working space, offering a peaceful environment to work. It’s been a platform for her which offers interaction with people from different industries & backgrounds, which has helped in generating new ideas and businesses.

Rishabh Sahay – Managing Director at Qleverlabs

A Delightful Aura

Rishabh considers ZoomStartIndia with its bohemian inspired interiors invokes a delightful aura, which is very much required in any working space, offering a peaceful environment to work is preeminent. He says ZoomStartIndia has been a great experience, connecting people from different backgrounds, working in varied fields. It has helped him get more ideas and businesses by virtue of the collaboration of Co-working and Culture.

Nitin Garg – Director at Apex Insurance, Managing Director at JD Walters

The place with an exotic mix of colours, innovative wood furnitures and small cozy places made all over had an instant appeal

Nitin Garg started his search for a co-working space nearby to his home and was about to finalise ‘91 SpringBoard’ when he accidentally hit upon ‘ZoomStartIndia’ website. He instantaneously fell for the place and in no time was a co-worker. He loves the place through and through and wishes to be here for a long time. He believes this place is lucky for him since he was able to do his first film insurance here

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome – Arthur Ashe

ZoomStartIndia continues to grow and expand while receiving unprecedented response from the masses. We look forward to keep growing, surviving and flourishing as the famous quote goes, ‘Winners never Quit, Quitters never win’.

-Zishan Inamdar