The Co-working Diaries

Be a Better Boss – Continued

In the last blog, we covered a few points on how to be a better boss. Today, we bring you some more.

Work together to solve problems:

As the boss you don’t have to do everything alone. Your team is there to help you. They want to work together to solve problems for the benefit of all involved. Work along with them, you and the team can move forward with strength and pride.

Relax when you’re not needed:

Working with your team is one thing. Constantly interfering in their work is another. Don’t interrupt when things are working well.

Listen to your employees:

Don't be quick to shut down their thinking process. Otherwise your team will think less by themselves and become solely dependent on your brain. Let them explore the problems and find their own great solutions. You might also learn something new yourself.

Appreciate your Employees:

Leaders should notice, encourage, and celebrate the good things that are happening to boost workplace morale. If an employee willingly works overtime to complete their work before deadline, appreciate it. It’s a small sacrifice they are willing to make.

Stay away from drama:

Don’t let politics affect your work. Don’t let teammates go against each other because no one will win. Reduce tensions. Work is stressful already; there’s no need to increase the stress any more.

Hope the ‘Be a Better Boss’ series is helping you. Two more Blogs coming up in this series!

-Zishan Inamdar