The Co-working Diaries

Be a Better Boss – Part One

People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, the boss drives – Theodore Roosevelt

We have seen the best and worst leadership moments with anyone we’ve ever worked with or for just like they have seen ours. We might be decisive on rejecting that any of the recent stories about careless leaders or harmful bosses could ever apply to us.

Nevertheless, administrative perfection raises the bar inviting us to ask: “how to be a better boss?”

Set reasonable objectives:

If your designer only works on Photoshop and Corel Draw, you cannot expect him to make an animation video. Understand your resources and the demands of the market, so as to set reasonable goals. Setting unrealistic goals will only make your employees frustrated and unproductive.

Leadership wins over dictatorship:

Leaders must inspire their followers to greatness. If your employees don't respect your authority, they will perform at a minimum level to retain their own security. Help everyone connect with the objectives so they take ownership. Then they will do their work with pride and care and be grateful for the empowerment.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy:

Taking them on weekend trips or planning some fun activities in the office will reduce their stress and boost their morale.

Making use of Differences:

Get your work polished. No two people think, work, and perform in the exact same ways. Take advantage of the differences.

Protecting your employees:

Be their Superman! There’s nothing more helpful than a boss who defends the entire team from trouble.

Stay Tuned. More tips are on the way!

-Zishan Inamdar