The Co-working Diaries

Co-work! But why?

There was a time when homegrown businesses, freelancers and consultants were stuck alone in their homes or fighting for space at the local coffee shop. Co-working has changed all of it and it’s definitely for the better.

Co-working - the community and everything that comes along

It is how most start-ups and small businesses are getting started today. Working from home is disconnecting – and at coffee shops, you have a mixed crowd around you comprising freelancers and students could get annoying. But at a co-working space, the inspiration is immense. You’re surrounded by a horde of ardent people poaching on their dream.

In the last two years, Co-working spaces have increased by leaps and bounds because they have on offer what forward thinking entrepreneurs are looking for – community and collaboration.

The value of co-working is in the community, far more than the collaboration.

For example, At ZoomStartIndia, a co-worker with travel shoppe` got their website made from another co-worker who owns a tech development company. On the same lines, businesses get networks and work outsourced by fellow co-workers. In a way, it becomes a win-win situation for both, one gets more business while another gets competitive rates.

At a Co-working space, you have fellow entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and advisors at a hand’s reach. The fact that you will get along with people who are potential investors, your future partner or your board of advisors is itself priceless.

There’s a goldmine waiting out there for you – these people are the innovators, early adopters and experts that you need to be around to get your business going.

Hope this blog has helped you. Stay tuned as the upcoming blog will talk about networking in a co-working space.

-Zishan Inamdar