The Co-working Diaries


In today’s world, working in an office has become fun. Wondering how? A great man named Brad Neuberg had coined the term COWORKING! CoWorking is an alternative for WORK FROM HOME! Yeah, ALTERNATIVE! It allows two or more people working in the same place together, but not mainly for the same company. The space is often a café like collaboration space. It can have any kind of setting! Some have office like setting, some have cool basement like settings and some include the western cultures! The main idea behind co-working is that the individuals come together in a shared place and enjoy the productivity and ideas. CoWorking spaces allows the workers to interact and expand personal and professional relations.

The growing phenomenon of CoWorking spaces is an indication of the changing nature of the office and working professionals. It’s an opportunity for the young minds to come forward and interact with the professionals of different field working together at the same place. Despite of all the mentoring and guiding, it also allows the people to create an emotional bond and a lifelong trusted relationship.

Who doesn’t love flexibility? CoWorking allows the workers to have a flexible time to work! Learn more about the gains by the CoWorking places in our next blog!

Stay Tuned

Mallika Mishra