The Co-working Diaries

Motivating Employees

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them. – John C. Maxwell

There are effective ways for everything which we do. Those effective ways contribute to the development of individuals and the business firm.

Similarly, there are various ‘effective’ ways for the business firm to motivate their employers to work effectively and efficiently. Sometimes even the best managers have to think outside the box to find creative and reliable ways to motivate their employees.

Some ways to motivate employers are:

1. Let them know that you trust them: If you let them know that you trust and depend on them, then they will gain some confidence and would rarely disappoint you in their work.

2. Giving employees a purpose: By giving the employees a purpose to work, they would understand the vision better and will be able to execute it more strongly. They will understand how to fit in the bigger picture by this.

3. Be transparent: While taking big discussions include the employees in it so that they will be aware about the developments taking place. Also, give them feedbacks (positive or negative) for their works so that they can channelize more thoughts on the work.

4. Use simple but powerful words: Use of simple but powerful words gives employees’ confidence of working hard.

5. Provide praise and recognition: After completion of a project, praise your employee for the hard work they have done. Acknowledge their work in front of other team members too. In an organization, staff recognition gives courage to the team members.

People work for money, but go the extra mile for Praise, Recognition and Rewards. – Dale Carnegie

-Zishan Inamdar