The Co-working Diaries

Be a Better Boss – The Conclusion

Today, we talk about some of the avoidable mistakes that most bosses make.

Understanding Employees:

Everyone has a different set of goals and aims. Everyone eyes distinct prizes. Understand the different outlooks, or you end up giving out unnecessary rewards and assign profitable punishments.

Keep it Simple:

Stop fussing. Don’t transform a bad day into a terrible one. Acknowledge a good effort. Simple is enough. Any misinterpretation of the reality is confusing.

Make information available:

As a boss, a big part of your job is to make company information available. Remove as much unnecessary and useless secrecy as possible.

Everyone is a human:

A workplace where everyone has a role to play and nobody is trapped, that’s the best place to work.

We hope you benefit from this series and ‘Be a Better Boss’.

-Zishan Inamdar