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Be a Better Boss – Continued

In the 3 rd part of the series, we talk about how small transitions in your behavior can make you a better boss.

Be a Coach:

Bosses should think like coaches. Bosses must know what is best for their employees based on their skill sets. As a Boss, you need to place employees in a position where they will be productive.

Overcome your Weaknesses:

A prosperous leader knows their weaknesses. For example, if you aren’t a great speaker, then you can’t clearly put through what you want from your employees.

Controlling Anger:

Nothing goes as planned? Don’t lose your temper. Take a deep breath and a walk. But don't take that anger out on your employees. Screaming and being arrogant will only make your employees resent you - and that is not how you build a team.

Be who you are:

Don't try to be someone you are not. Employees can tell when you’re being unreal. They’ll have more respect for you when you are in your skin.

Stay away from drama:

Don’t let politics affect your work. Don’t let teammates go against each other because no one will win. Reduce tensions. Work is stressful already; there’s no need to increase the stress any more.

Last one Blog remaining now in the ‘Be a Better Boss’ series.

Stay Tuned

-Zishan Inamdar