About Us

About Us

If working from a coffee shop has you bummed out, if you are just too damn unproductive from working at home, or if you are tired of that tired spot you are working from now, schedule a tour with us today and come home to ZoomStartIndia. You’ll understand that it is not just a workspace but an endearing combination of community, support, benefits, culture and events.

The co-working space is a great space to settle down for the day, drink some great coffee, and get your best work done; it’s an affordable, professional alternative to work from home, which encourages collaboration and allows you to find new inspiration, every day. It bestows freedom to sit (or stand) somewhere new on a whim, fuel your productivity with a free cup of coffee or socialize with neighbors at your leisure and provides the flexibility needed to create a motivational and energizing environment where you work well.

Meet our team
Jessica Lynch

Tapaswi Patel


Ronald Fisher

Rajneesh Sharma

Vice President - Tapaswi Group Ventures


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